Volunteer awards

Long service

All FOYH volunteers are presented with bronze, silver and gold enamel badges and a certificate when they achieve 5, 10 and 15 years’ service at the hospital.

Long service badges and certificates A volunteer received a long service award

Special recognition

At the 2017 NHS Celebration of Achievement awards night – which covers Scarborough, Bridlington, Malton, Selby and Easingwold as well as York - FOYH volunteer Bob Farish was presented with a Volunteer of the Year Award for his help at the Eye Clinic and on the Front Desk. The FOYH Singers (2017) and Ilona Woodhead (2016), singer, stroke wards volunteer and newspaper deliverer, have also received Finalist awards at this event.

Bob Farish - York TH NHS Trust volunteer of the year 2017 Volunteer of the year 2017 presentation ceremony

In 2015 the contribution of one of our student volunteers, Bea Mills, was recognised at the annual York Student Volunteer of the Year Awards. Bea, from York St John University was one of our Talking and Reading Service team who do one-to-one work with the patients on the stroke wards, helping them to communicate again.

Volunteer Bea Mills with a patient

“I've really enjoyed my time at York Hospital and couldn't have asked for more supportive and friendly people. It's been a rewarding experience that I will treasure forever”. – Bea Mills

A higher York volunteering award certificate

In the York Press Community Pride awards 2017 our 100-year old fundraiser Rebekah Stott was a Finalist for York Fundraiser of the Year, and Ward 28, Newspaper Delivery and FOYH Singers mainstay Bob Taylor was Shortlisted for York Volunteer of the Year.