Thinking about Hospital Volunteering?

A volunteer with a patient in a hospital waiting room A volunteer with a patient in a hospital bed

Are you looking for a chance to give something back?

Do you want to take some time each week to look outside yourself, and to hear about other people’s lives?

Do you want to feel valued and part of the local community?

Do you want to strengthen your confidence and ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds?

Are you considering a career in nursing or medicine, as a paramedic or a health therapist, and you want to get some experience of working life in a hospital?

Are you taking part in a young people's award scheme, where voluntary work is a requirement?

Are you available to help for 2 to 3 hours each week?

A reading volunteer talking with a patient

People decide to become hospital volunteers for all these reasons and more. Whatever your main reason, if you decide to volunteer for the Friends of York Hospitals, we will do our best to help you enjoy it and get satisfaction from the effort you put in.

We have a Volunteer Policy in place and aim to offer a good level of volunteer support while upholding all the current NHS requirements. Our volunteers are supported on a day-to-day basis by an Administator and Volunteer Coordinator (AVC) Andy White. They get the chance to meet and mingle at coffee mornings and one-off social and fundraising events. Click here to find out more about what our volunteers do.

What Kind of Time Commitment?

Hospital volunteers have unsupervised access to vulnerable patients. Because of this the recruitment process has to include a number of security and identity checks and takes several weeks - so please bear with us! Also, due to the fact that the recruitment process is more involved than with some other types of volunteering, we ask our volunteers to commit for at least six months, if possible. Once you start volunteering you will be coming in for 2 to 3 hours at the same time each week – or possibly each fortnight.

How to apply

Please download, complete and return our Application to Volunteer Form - the first step in becoming a volunteer. Please click here.

You can return the Application Form either by post to the address on our Contact Us page, or as an email attachment to:

Looking forward to hearing from you!