How we are organised

As with other registered charities the ultimate decision-making body is our Annual General Meeting (AGM). All our members have the right to attend and vote. Votes are held to approve new trustees and confirm the existing trustees at each AGM.

Between AGMs the charity is managed by our Board of Trustees, led by our Chairman Hussein Syed. The trustees meet monthly to decide what the current challenges are, and how they should be met. They are always looking for ways to improve the charity’s organisation, finances and public profile. They also decide which hospital projects FOYH can support financially.

The Operations Manager of the York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals Charity also attends the monthly Board of Trustees meetings. Attendees do not have a vote but otherwise contribute to the decision-making.

Chair Hussein with the mobile library team

FOYH Chairman Hussein Syed (centre), experiencing a morning with our Mobile Library team.

From time to time the wider membership is consulted at a social event, or a special consultation meeting is held.

The Friends of York Hospitals operate within the framework of a constitution and a number of policies and procedures. To see them please go to the Documents page of this website. We are affiliated to Attend, the national organisation of hospital Friends and League of Friends groups.

FOYH has a close working relationship with our NHS Trust and their Teaching Hospital Charity. We do what we can to help each other, and they oversee our activities to make sure what we do is within NHS standards and guidelines.